Dalby stenbrott

English text below the Swedish text. En omtyckt badplats i Skåne är Dalby stenbrott. Brottet skapades genom att man bröt gnejs för att använda vid järnvägsbyggen på 1800-talet. Den blir snabbt djup. Besök… Continue reading

Shadow inside a flower

Shadow inside a flower. More pictures on Shadow Sunday.


Clouds. More pictures at Black and White Weekend.

Meet Loa the peregrine falcon

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? [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="12412,12413,12414,12415,12416,12417,12418,12419"] ? Click on the pictures for bigger size! Meet Loa the peregrine falcon with his handler Bjarne at Skåne Djurpark in Southern Sweden. Loa…

Changing summer weather

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[gallery type="rectangular" ids="12401,12402,12403,12404,12405"] One could say it is typical summer weather. It is warm but mostly overcast with rains. Or at least that is how one perceives the…


The land around the church in Villstad parish is farmed in traditional ways to maintain the look of the landscape and to protect the fauna and the flora. The picture is taken at… Continue reading

Snail in England

I found this snail in England after a rain. More pictures on Camera Critters:

Swans by the Thames

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Decorative! Walking by the river Thames at Windsor racecourse we saw swans and herons. Neither were cooperative to the photographer so these were some of the best I got. Two swans forming a…

Fototriss – Smultronställen / Special places

English text below the Swedish text. Ett smultronställe på väg mellan olika platser. Tyvärr är det så att jag alltid har haft något annat i tankarna när jag har besökt Villstads kyrka i Småland. Jag… Continue reading


Villstad church is the parish church in Villstad, Sweden. The first Villstad church is mentioned in a will from 1268. The church has been changed and rebuilt through the years. In 1910 the church was… Continue reading