Between rains

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Farmland in Southern Sweden. August is changing into September and the weather is still fine with a little rain and a lot of rain, and the weather is still…


When we think about technology we think about smart phones and computers. But once upon a time the fire, the stirrup and the ability to make arches was innovative technology. In the middle… Continue reading

På rad – On a row

Bilder från Malmö, Newmarket och Kastrup. / Pictures from Malmö in Sweden, Newmarket in England and at Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport in Denmark. Besök Fototriss på tema “På rad”. /  Photo triplet on theme… Continue reading


Memories of darkness from early mornings on my way to work and of the illuminated trees in the valley of Korankei in Japan during the autumn of 2013.  More pictures on Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Destroying angel

  Not exactly a flower but stll something that grows. We have white mushrooms in our garden. Today I was told that it most probably is the destroying angel, an amanita species that is… Continue reading


  A moth flew up, probably from the apples I have harvested. Quite beautiful too. Luckily it flew out through the door when I opened it.  More critters at Camera Critters and more macro at… Continue reading

End of August

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It is the end of August and the weather is still changable between sun and a little rain.The pictures are from a  suburb in Malmö. More pictures on Our World Tuesday…

Chairs on Bo01, Malmö, Sweden

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From the exhibition Bo01 in 2001 comes this picture. Nowadays the new development Western Harbour is situated on the site of the expo. Taken with Olympus OM-1. More…


English text below the Swedish text. Att titta i skyltfönster, tvätta fönster och spegla sig i dem. Bilderna är från Malmö och London. Besök Fototriss på tema “Fönster”. Looking into shop windows, washing… Continue reading


A picture of the Hippodrome – built to accommodate circuses as well as ordinary theater performances. It was possible to make a bassin to show water animals inside the theater. The arches on the… Continue reading