Vassa taggar – Sharp thorns

  Svensk text under den engelska texten. – Swedish text below the English text. Long thorns on a small tree, probably hawthorn and a sharp thorns on briar rose and blackberry. Click on… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top: The sparrows sit on top of the vines in my garden, I think it is a good place to have control over the surroundings and as it is… Continue reading

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Round

A Word a Week Photography Challenge: Round. In ordinary riding houses the rides are square but the rides I saw in Newmarket were round or elliptical. This round ride is on the gallops in Newmarket,… Continue reading


Thorns on a small tree, probably hawthorn. More flowers on Today´s flowers and more macro on I heart macro.  

Black and White Weekend: Saint Paul´s Church

This picture is taken inside Saint Paul’s Church. For pictures of the exterior look here. More pictures at Black and White Weekend


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This little guy sits in the vines in the garden. I think it is a house sparrows. More bird pictures on Wild Bird Wednesday.

A little sun, a little rain

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[gallery type="rectangular" ids="11520,11521,11522,11523,11524"] Last weekend was sunny and warm and we made an excursion to the east coast of Scania to buy some plants. We also had a…

Happy Easter!

Visingsö castle

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Vintage Weekly : Visingsborgs slott på Visingsö- Visingsborgs castle on Visingsö. The ground for the castle was laid in the 1560s and was burned down in 1718. In…

Remember the baby gulls from last year

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Last year I followed the baby gulls for several weeks as I saw them on and off. I discovered this in a folder with magpies. I probably was thinking…