A beuatiful okra flower on my terrace. I wonder if there will be any okras? More flowers on Today´s flowers.  

The regional train station before the closure

The regional train station in Malmö just before the closure in 2010


Tiny bugs on the hazel leaves. More critters on Camera Critters and more macro on I heart macro.

More Bikes


I very much wanted to see the macaques living  in the monkey park in Arayashima, Japan. But in order to get there I had to climb these stairs. When we walked down I… Continue reading

Bats hunting in the pond

A magic night listening for bats by the pond by Hovdala castle. One could see the tiny  Daubenton’s bats flying in circles over the water hunting insects. They also hunt insects in the… Continue reading


I had to ponder humanity a lot before coming up with an idea. This morning I heard a TED talk about investigation about viruses that could and have taken the step from animals to… Continue reading

Deep in December, it’s nice to remember, …… The fire of September

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
The land mark Turning Torso in Malmö. Beginning of September and it has started to cool down but it is still late summer weather in Southern Sweden. The weather…

En del av mig / Parts of me

Helena med fotoutmaningen Fototriss vill denna veckan att man skall dela med sig bilder av sig själv men jag är rätt blyg av mig så det blir delar av mig ni får se.… Continue reading

Tree shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday 2: Tree shadows on the bus station at Norrköping central.