Grey weather

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
 It has been a rainy and grey week. The pictures are from suburban Malmö and from the city center where a worker sweeps autumn leaves on the street.…

To fly in winter weather

To  fly in winter weather from Malmö to Stockholm. More pictures on A Word a Week Photography Challenge: Fly-


Summer, clouds, a bright sun and a car window. More pictures on Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction.  

Trappor / Stairs

Trappor vinter, vår och höst. Fototriss på tema “Trappor” / The idea of stairs. Photo triplet on theme “Stairs”. Visit Fototriss for links to more pictures.  

Vine shadows

Vine shadows on a door. More pictures on Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

Portrait of a tree sparrow

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
This little guy ate vegetables on the walkway. A little Eurasian tree sparrow, passer montanus. More pictures on The Bird D’Pot.

Autumn rose

An rose flowering in the autumn rain.  More flowers on Today´s flowers and more macro on I Heart Macro.  

October weather

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
Limhamn lime quarry. The concrete for the statue Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was quarried in this quarry. The autumn pictures this week comes…

Blue eyes

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
A jackdaw picking on the walkway for some food. More animal pictures on Camera Critters and more bird pictures on The Bird D’Pot.

Oktober 2014

English text below the Swedish text. Det är fint väder idag så vi gjorde vår planerade utflykt för att titta på järnåldersgravfältet vi såg en skylt för för några veckor sedan när vi… Continue reading