Relaxed cat

This is Inti keeping me company on a visit to Helsinki to see my son and his girlfriend. Inti was rescued in Lima in Peru in March 2016 as a tiny one month… Continue reading

This cat has a story

In a window in Helsinki a tiny cat sits looking out on the street. He looks at the birds in the sky, the squirrels on the other side of the street, the cars… Continue reading

Mural by Tellaksen in Helsinki

Visiting Helsinki in Finland last week I was guided to this beautiful mural by Italian mural painter Tellaksen in Sörnäinen – Sörnäs. Look closely below, there is a cat sitting in the window.… Continue reading

Ruff – Calidris pugnax

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? This is quite a peculiar bird as it has three different sorts of males or rather appearance of males. When in the mating season the majority of ruff…

Modern Tallinn

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Modern Tallinn shows the same type of buildings that are popular all around the world today. The picture is taken in december 2015 on our way from the…

Mural by GraffitiSthlm in Helsinki

Visiting Helsinki in Finland last week I was guided to this mural at Sysmänkuja, Vallilaand. The mural is painted by the Swedish duo GraffitSthlm as part of Upea16 Street Art Festival . Many… Continue reading

First of advent

Today is the first of advent, the first of the four Sundays preceding Christmas. Advent means waiting and in Sweden one traditionally has a candle holder with four candles in it. On the… Continue reading

Autumn and winter

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A glimpse of the super moon. Winter in Malmö only lasted a few days then the snow rained away. But on Wednesday I went to Helsinki in Finland…

Sakura walk along Yamazaki river in Nagoya

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A treasured memory from my first journey to visit my son who lived there at the time. The day after I arrived in the beginning of april 2013…


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In december last year we went to Tallinn to visit an UNESCO World Heritage Site – the medieval town of Tallinn in Estonia. We went around on the…