In the palm of Buddha’s hand

In the grove where the big Buddha in Nagoya stands there is a big open hand of Buddha. In the center of the hand is the symbol of dharmacakra. Read more about the symbol… Continue reading

Shadowed street

Walking through the sunset on shadowed residential streets in Nagoya in the beginning of November 2013. The sun sets rather early in the middle of Japan. It is circa five in the afternoon… Continue reading

At the entrance to the temple

Our World Tuesday: Water for washing hands and mouth at the entrance to a temple in Korankei Valley in Japan. I wish everybody around the world A Happy New Year!

The base of Turning Torso, Malmö

Scenic Sunday:  The base of Turning Torso, Malmö.

Sunset at Newmarket

I played with this picture in Lightroom to get the right feel of sunset. As the foreground was so dark I had to brighten the shadows and darken the highlights to get it right.

Big reward

  My children live abroad and big rewards for me are to visit them. This picture is taken by Tenryū-ji  in Kyoto in Japan when I made my second trip to visit my… Continue reading

Street at night

Night scene in Malmö, Sweden. More pictures at The Weekend in Black and White.

Bee in yellow flower

A bee perching on an intensely yellow flower . More pictures on Weekly Photography Challenge: Rule of Thirds.

Grey weather by the river Nissan

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
On a daytrip north along the west coast to Halmstad I took this picture of the river Nissan that flows through the city. Halmstad, and Halland as the county where…

Haemanthus albiflos in flower

In a room I seldom look properly as all the plants in it are clivias that don´t need close attention during the winter I suddenly saw that a paintbrush flower – Haemanthus albiflos.… Continue reading

Träfärgat / The color of wood

English text below the Swedish text. Denna bild kommer inte från någon trädgård men träet i bryggan har vuxit i en skog någonstans i världen och har  blekts av väder och vind till en vacker… Continue reading

A piece of the sky

A piece of the sky and trees reflected in a puddle. More reflections at Weekend Reflections.


View from and airplane window of the rising sun. Maybe a little unorthodox use of the rule of thirds as there are slanting lines as well in the picture. More pictures on Weekly Photography Challenge:… Continue reading

The need to run

Originally posted on Vintage Photography:
 This little pony foal feels the need to run and mother follows behind. More pictures on Vintage Weekly and on Camera Critters.

The snow has gone

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
Entering Södra Förstadsgatan coming from Södervärn heading for Triangeln. ? The snow has gone and it has been a few degrees above the freezing point all week except one…

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