A white daffodil

    Last autumn I bought a white daffodil or almost white and to my great joy it is flowering now. I hope it will flower again. More flowers on Todays flowers.  

Struktur / Structure

Jag fann tre bilder på struktur i mitt bildarkiv, bilder som jag tagit när jag fascinerats av ytan eller strukturen på saker. En handvävd matta och två korgar.  Fototriss på tema “Struktur” I… Continue reading

A muted symphony

Always in motion, the sea waves hitting the beach by Råå in southern Sweden just before Christmas 2014. A muted symphony in blue, grey and brown. Although not seen in this resolution there are… Continue reading

To show kindness to outcasts

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
? The street and sky scene this week is from Kirseberg in the east of Malmö, on the hill where the witches were burnt. I always sort of…

Early mornings with the horses

Working with animals is very rewarding but a lot of hard work and early mornings. Getting up at five, barely awake, changing litter, brushing, taking care of coat and hooves and checking the… Continue reading


Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
Small street in old Limhamn close to the old beach line with fisher cottages. The street and sky scenes this week are from Limhamn in the southwest of Malmö and…

Afloat on the borders of time and space

Looking through my picture stash I came across these pictures from a walk made with a friend on the outskirts of the town just before sunset in November 2014. The place is on… Continue reading

More flowers

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
The street and sky scene this week is taken at Värnhemstorget in eastern Malmö. The weather has been a mix of sun, overcast and rain during the last…

Bo01, Malmö, Sweden

Originally posted on Vintage Photography:
? From the exhibition Bo01 in 2001 comes this picture. Nowadays the new development Western Harbour is situated on the site of the expo. Taken with Olympus OM-1.…

Påsk / Easter

English text below the Swedish text! Veckans tema på Fototriss är påsk så här kommer ännu ett blogginlägg med temat påsk. Bilderna är några år gamla. Malmö har under några år placerat ut… Continue reading

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