It could end at any time now

I saw this painting on a shutter on a food kiosque selling falafel, kebab, burgers and ice cream from the bus on my way to work so I made sure to get off… Continue reading

London Tube – in another time

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In the beginning of June 2019 my daughter and I spent a few days in London spending our days at Camden, with parrots and squirrels in Kensington Gardens…

Peeking through a window

  I took this picture at the end of 2019 peeking through a window at a bar at Myyrmäki station in Vanda, Finland. Myyrmäki station is filled with murals both on the inside… Continue reading


  Bee in a rudbeckia on Drumsö in Finland in august 2017.  


We went to Finland in August 2017 to visit our son and his girlfriend and their sweet two cats.  Inti, the Peruvian rescue cat, is sleeping on the mat. I have told Inti´s story… Continue reading

A boat on the beach on Lauttasaari – Drumsö

Walking along the beach on Lauttasaari – Drumsö in Helsinki, Finland, I took this picture in August 2017. To the memory of my husband who shared the journey with me to Finland in… Continue reading

Almost like a painting

This picture is a look from Maryport with a view of Solway Firth. It has been a bother for me to try and develop digitally as there is a lot of blues in… Continue reading

Sleepy parrot

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A sleepy parrot at Birdworld in April 2019. More bird pictures at The BIRD D’Pot and Saturday’s Critters.

Stonehenge – in another time

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The postcard this week comes from Stonehenge from another time. The picture is taken on easter 2017 with lots of visitors. To the memory of my husband who…

Sheep by Senhouse Roman Museum in Maryport

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? This view of a field with sheeps on it is taken by Senhouse Roman Museum in Maryport  and hides the remnants of a Roman fort. One can…