Mural by Algotsson in Borås

  Borås in western Sweden is filled with big murals, here is mural outside the city center painted by Adam Algotsson in 2015. More pictures on Monday Murals.  

Ferry between Helsingborg and Helsingör

Originally posted on Vintage Photography:
This is a ferry between two countries that only takes circa twenty minutes, ferrying people between Helsingör in Denmark and Helsingborg in Sweden. Helsingör is called Elsinore in…


Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
Early morning by Ynglingagatan with typical 1930s houses to the right in the picture. Tokarpsberg to the left in the picture. It has been a rainy week but…

Rusty / Rostig

Svensk text under den engelska texten / Swedish text below the English. This week the theme is rusty on Photo triplet. The rust is found on street lights in Borås, Sweden. Visit Fototriss for… Continue reading

Mural by Pichi&Avo

This mural is a bit awkward to photograph as it is in a tight space but I hope you can see it nevertheless. The artists are a duo from Spain – Pichi&Avo and… Continue reading

Banded mongoose

At Borås zoo I have found a fascinating little creature, a banded mongoose. More animals pictures on Camera Critters.

Darker and colder

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
Ynglingagatan in Borås on Monday morning. The weather has been mostly clear with a little fog here and there. At the end of the week and at the…

Mural on Abecita Konstmuseum by Ollio and EKTA in Borås

  Borås in western Sweden is filled with big murals, here is a mural painted on Abecita art museum by Ollio and EKTA 2015. The picture was painted after the No Limit Street… Continue reading

Hameanthus albiflos

My hameanthus albiflos has spent the summer outdoors and has flowered with several flowers. More pictures on  Today´s Flowers.

The Golden Hind

Old ships from the sail period are often very ornate. Here is a picture of a replica of Francis Drake’s galleon the Golden Hind that is moored on the Thames in London. More information about this treasure can… Continue reading

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