A peony flower still enveloped in its bud. More pictures at Weekly Photo Challenge. Enveloped and at Today´s Flowers.

Hoppity hopp

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
Hoppity hopp, no feet on the ground and I am not flying! A magpie in Malmö during the winter of 2015. More animal pictures at Camera Critters and more bird…

Waiting for summer

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
Rudbecksgatan in Malmö. The street and sky scene this week is from Rudbecksgatan in Limhamn and from the meeting hole in the ground by Öresundsgården in Limhamn. The depression…

Winter in Black and White / Vinter i svartvitt

Bilder från februari i Malmö och Halmstad.  Fototriss på tema “Svartvitt“. Besök Fototriss för fler bidrag . / Pictures from February this year in Malmö and Halmstad.  Photo triplet on theme “Black and white” “. Visit Fototriss for… Continue reading

Beach at Klagshamn

Originally posted on Vintage Photography:
I am under the impression that I have published this picture before but can´t find it on any of my blogs. Anyhow it is a beautiful picture of the…


A memory of last years artichokes . More pictures on I Heart Macro and Today’s Flowers.

Multiple selfies

Visiting the university building at Malmö Högskola I caught myself in the glass as a triple selfie, or more? Mote reflections at Weekend Reflections.

Grey and rainy in the Western Harbour

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
? Oresund Bridge seen from The Western Harbor. The street and sky scene this week is Western Harbour in Malmö by Kockum fritid with a view towards the Öresund bridge…


A beautiful dogwood flower found in Nagoya in Japan.  More flowers on Today´s Flowers.

Clouds / Moln

Svensk text nedanför den engelska texten / Swedish text below the English text. I love flying and and these cloud pictures are taken on flights between Denmark and England and between Finland and Japan. Photo triplet… Continue reading

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