Hazel flowers

In the middle of february and the hazel catkins are flowering in my garden.  More flowers on Today´s flowers.  

Table shadow

Table shadow on a café in Tallinn. More shadows on Shadow Shot Sunday.

Floating in the sea

On a blue morning floating by the sea. Västra Hamnen i Malmö seen from the opposite quay. I come to think of book covers for fantasy books. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly… Continue reading

Lighthouse reflection by the Western Harbor

The lighthouse by Universitetsbron by Västra Hamnen in Malmö mirrored in the harbour. In the background Västra Hamnen – The Western Harbor and a glimpse of Turning Torso behind Kockums old office building.… Continue reading

Back in Malmö

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
Grey weather on Triangeln in Malmö. It was named Triangeln as it formed a triangle square where the streets met. Back in Malmö it is mostly gray with…

Enchanting light

Enchanting blue  light on the snow in Borås, Sweden reminds me of a painting on my wall. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Life Imitates Art Published 2016-02-12    

Shadows on a wall

Shadow on a wall that now is a memory in Borås. More Shadows on Shadow Shot Sunday.

Drömlikt / Dreamlike

English text below the Swedish text. Snö i Borås under januari 2016. Den stora granen är täckt av snö. I mörkret i backen skymtar en figur och de snötäckta fotbollsmålen drömmer om sommaren. I admit… Continue reading


Small timekeepers in my garden that return every year at this time. The Helleborus flower and the winter aconite always flower in february. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Time… Continue reading

Good bye, Borås

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
Snow at Sagavallen in Borås on sunday. It is the end of january and I am going home after my eight month long stay in Borås. The snow…