No limits or no boundaries

November 14 2015 will be the Archive´s day in the Nordic countries and I pondered  Gränslöst or limitless that is the theme for “Archive´s day” for this year for a long while and used… Continue reading

Rosa / Pink

Fototriss på tema “Rosa” för Bröstcancerkampanjen. Men låt oss inte stanna där utan också tänka på alla andra cancerformer på samma gång! Besök Fototriss för fler bidrag . Photo triplet on theme “Pink”… Continue reading

Approaching autumn

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
? Foggy Monday morning. A little fog in the morning but surprisingly good weather. Changing between overcast and sun and autumn is definitely here as you can see…

Giant eagle by DALeast

DALeast painted a big bird on the walls of the college library in Borås during the street art festival No Limit 2015. To see the delicate feathers and eye of the bird look… Continue reading

Orust hen

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
Another domestic farm birds is the Orust hen, an old sort that is preserved. These are photographed at Nordens Ark.  More bird pictures on Wild Bird Wednesday and The Bird D’Pot,…

Red waterlily in Viskan

Walking by the river Viskan I saw this red water lily. More about the flower water lily with the latin name Nymphaea on Wikipedia.  More pictures at Today´s Flowers.

Swedish blue duck

Originally posted on Birdbrain:
At Borås zoo today I was lucky to catch a good photo of the Swedish blue duck in the slanting autumn sun. More bird pictures on Wild Bird Wednesday…

Boring postcards

Originally posted on Weekly Weather:
On the street leading to Södra torget where all the buses are. It is still rainy weather with a few glimpses of sun. I am back in Borås…

Rose in water

Something odd amongst the waterlilies. A rose floating on the water in the river Viskan. More monochrome pictures at The Weekend in Black and White.


Walking by a big triangular house advertising a big fashion store based in Borås I saw this reflection and took a picture. I am  sharing this post with Weekend Reflections.

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